Thursday, May 23, 2013

BOTW, What’s the Story, Brooke?

Its been quite a while since I’ve done one of these…  Life just sometimes gets in the way, and I took an unintended break.  But I’m back and ready to introduce you to some lovely women and hopefully add some new reads to your list.  This week I get to introduce you to Brooke, from What’s the Story, Brooke?.

Brooke, What’s The Story, Brooke?

Explain the meaning behind the name of your blog.
My name is Brooke Story and most of my life people have played around with my name by posing the question, What's the Story, Brooke? So, I decided to name my blog this because I thought it was suiting since it is focused on reviewing products and reviews.

How long have you been blogging? Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging summer of 2011. I've always been fascinated with beauty products and make-up and tend to purchase more than the average girl. I wanted a place where I could give my honest opinions and feedback about products I purchase that I love and find beneficial. I feel like most women are always on the hunt for the latest greatest beauty item or skincare routine for anti-aging and my goal with my blog is that women can be introduced and discover new products that they fall in love with.brooke_glam

What do you love most blogging?
The thing I love most about blogging is feeling like I am helping someone with beauty decisions. I know how overwhelming the beauty world can be. You walk into a drugstore or Sephora and are faced with countless brands and products and begin to think I don't even know where to begin. So, I like feeling like I am providing suggestions and recommendations that make your beauty search easier and successful.

What is the one thing you want others to know about yourself, or your blog?
I don't pretend to be a make-up artist or beauty expert... just a girl with a passion for beauty and products.


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