Monday, July 16, 2012

Mark Your Calendars

Its official.  We’re in countdown mode to Munchkin Land Designs’ 3rd birthday.  And yes, we say birthday instead of anniversary because quite simply, this is my baby.  And a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into bringing this dream of mine to where it is today.  So when this time of year rolls around, we start planning to celebrate.  And we celebrate BIG!

Before I get into it all, I just wanted to note a few things…
  • One, the testimonials page is finally current!  You can hop over and read why I love what I do.  Those kind and sweet words always make me a little misty.  Thank you!
  • Two, I’ve updated the gallery with 12 new designs.  I’ve been hopping!
  • Don’t forget to follow Munchkin Land Designs on Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed.  Trust me!  You do NOT want to miss what’s coming up!  I promise.
Now, its time to mark your calendars for the biggest, most fun birthday celebration to date.  I will be doing a week-long giveaway from Monday, July 30th through Friday, August 3rd.
MLD Giveaway Flyer 
On Monday, July 30th, I’ll be announcing the prizes, rules, and some other fun things.  But I’d love to have you help me get the word out that its coming.  And soon.  Plus, why not get a jump start on entering for the grand prize now?!  (Now granted, you don’t know what the grand prize is yet, but I assure you, you’ll think its worth it.)

For every time you post about the upcoming giveaway either on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll get one more entry for the grand prize.  You can post the button code on your blog’s sidebar, post a picture of the button along with the link back to, or whatever floats your boat as long as it links back here.  Each post or shout-out gets you one more entry.

I can’t wait to share all the prizes and details with you!  And as much fun as I think this giveaway is going to be, I still can’t help but feel its an inadequate way to express just how thankful I am for all of you and your ongoing support.

Getting so excited!!

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Meghan said...

I'm so excited for this!!!

A Babbling Brunette said...


Kodi said...

I love "Ramblings of a Fabulous Brunette" That's my style to a tee!

Kerbi said...

Congrats friend! I adore "Life in the Green House"

Francisca said...

Hello my favorite blog is, I like the way the blog was designed.

Savanah said...

I really love the look of Life in the Green House and 2 Men and a Mommy!

Jessica said...

I would be super honored to win! Life in the Green House's new design is adorable.

Francisca said...

My favorite blog is twoofakindworkingonafullhouse.

Francisca said...

I like the blog, Barefoot Mommies

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