Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing Pains and Changes

NewGalleryCollageAs you can see by the number of new designs in the gallery, I’ve been a busy girl. We’ve been going through some growing pains around here…

When I bought my ticket for Blissdom in early December, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to meet some clients that I’d grown close to and perhaps drum up some more business for Munchkin Land Designs. My work load was steady, neither slow nor busy. And trust me, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with some amazing people!

Then in early January, weeks before Blissdom actually started, the tide turned and I suddenly found myself scheduling first drafts 6-8 weeks out, instead of my usual 2-3 weeks. I thought it must be an anomaly, but my orders have stayed consistent and I’m humbled that clients are willing to wait for their designs. Speechless, really.

However, all this busyness and added work has taken its toll… on me, on my clients, and on my family. I’ve somehow gotten used to 3-5 hours of sleep a night; my Littles have been dealing with zombie mom for too long. In an effort to please everyone, I’m not sure I’m pleasing anyone. And to be honest, I feel like I’m missing out on developing deeper relationships with clients because I’m in such a rush to get it finished and I wonder if I’ve really given 100% to the client and their design. It hasn’t been fair to you!

So effective Friday, May 18th, Munchkin Land Designs will be increasing their prices across the site. This will only be the second time I’ve raised my prices in almost 3 years. The last price increase was in 2010 and my skills have grown and sharpened since then.

I’ll still be accepting blog orders at the current prices until that time and will honor orders placed until midnight. I’ve always prided myself on offering custom blog designs at thrifty prices and I believe these new prices will still be very affordable. I will continue to offer a 10% discount to returning clients, and I will still continue the Referral Rewards program. I have also added premade templates to my site, which is another way my clients can get a low-cost, custom design.

Raising my prices will allow me to take on fewer clients during the month, which in turn will ensure that each client is getting my very best. It will mean that I can slow down and guarantee that I’m giving the client exactly what they desire. It will be mean fewer late nights, speedier replies, hopefully a faster turnaround, and most importantly, I hope it will mean that I can be a better wife and mom during the day too.

In addition to raising my prices, I’m also going to be offering a number of new services and design packages. No longer will the Elite be my top package, but I’m adding a Supreme level too. I’ve acquired some new coding skills, as well as some new a la carte items. So be on the lookout for those things.

And to all of my clients these past 5 months, I want to give you all a heartfelt thank-you! Thank you for your patience with me during crashed hard drives, new laptops, late nights, delayed drafts, etc. I absolutely could not have survived early 2012 without your grace and understanding during these growing pains. I’m so very honored that I get to work with such wonderful people!

I sincerely hope these new changes will allow me to be as fully invested in you and your design as I want to be. Thank you! And my family thanks you too!



Your work is amazing and I am sure people will be more than happy to pay for your professional skills. Remember to always take time to smell the flowers! Stacie xo

Amy... said...

I am so proud of you, Jenn! And i love the work of our heavenly father in your life...the evidence of trust. Love you.

Ashley said...

Good for you! As my mom always says "even a train must eventually stop". And if it means raising your prices to get to a happy medium, then go for it! Your work is exceptional and one of a kind. And people will be more than happy to pay extra for top quality and authenticity!
This post was encouraging to me (is that weird?) and reminded me to never lose sight of what's important and the reason I'm staying home instead of having a desk job is to raise my babies. The work I do from home comes second. It is a blessing nonetheless, but family and sleep are fuel to the soul & you do all that you need to do to get those first!

Crystal @MissCrystalMakeup said...

I don't blame you one bit, Jenn! Your family and personal life come first. xo~Crystal

Vicki said...

Good for you! I look forward to seeing what new services you have to offer!!!! You know I will probably be dying to have whatever it is done to my blog now :-P

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